20 Climate Change Case Studies Worth Reading

Posted by admin on January 23, 2011

Climate change is a hot topic in today’s world. Many of us are interested in the subject, and want to separate the truth about our climate problems from the media sensationalism. One of the best ways to do this is to read the case studies about research that has been performed. Here are twenty case studies on climate change we think you’ll enjoy reading.

  1. Ecological Responses to Recent Climate Change: Read about the evidence of the ecological impacts of recent climate change, from polar terrestrial to tropical marine environments.
  2. The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance: This case study examines ecology and distribution among civilizations.
  3. Adaptation Policy Frameworks for Climate Change: This paper examines policy changes required to deal with the consequences of climate change.
  4. Wildlife Responses to Climate Change: This paper examines how the wildlife of North American has responded to climate change.
  5. Theory and Practice in Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change and Facilitating Adaptation: This paper looks at how we can determine the problems we are likely to face from climate change and how we can put measures in place to adapt to those problems.
  6. Fingerprints of Global Warming on Wild Animals and Plants: This paper examines the tangible effects we can se eon wildlife and plants as a result of climate change.
  7. Ecological and Evolutionary Responses to Recent Climate Change: See how climate change has affected our ecology and how our planet evolves.
  8. Climate Change and Social Vulnerability: This paper examines our vulnerability to climate change and how it might change over time.
  9. Reorganization of an Arid Ecosystem in Response to Recent Climate Change: This paper discusses how the arid ecosystem has changed in the past 30 years in response to changes in climate.
  10. The Damage Costs of Climate Change: This paper examines how climate change costs us in dollars and cents and how we should account for those costs.
  11. Big Business and the Mountain Climate: This paper focuses on how the mining industry affects climate change in the mountain environment.
  12. Mapping Vulnerability to Multiple Stressors: This paper looks at how globalization and climate change have negatively impacted India.
  13. Social Capital, Collective Action and Adaptation to Climate Change: This paper examines the problems associated with adapting to climate change.
  14. Sun and Dust Versus Greenhouse Gases: This paper assesses the relative roles of greenhouse gases, sun and dust and their roles in climate change.
  15. Downscaling of Global Climate Change Estimates to Regional Scales: This paper discusses shifting from global climate change estimates to more local ones.
  16. Artic Environmental Change of the Last Four Centuries: This paper explores how the arctic environment has changed over the course of time.
  17. Double Exposure: This paper examines the double effects of climate change combined with the world’s recent globalization.
  18. The Impact of Climatic Variations on Agriculture: This paper examines how growing crops are affected by climate change.
  19. Simulated Increase of Hurricane Intensities in a Co2 Warmed Climate: This paper reports on a simulation regarding how the intensities of hurricanes would increase as global warming increases.
  20. Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability to Climate Change: This paper looks at how our coastlines are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

There is plenty of research available on how our climate has changed due to global warming over the past years. There are also lots of papers that can predict how our climate is going to change in the future based on the global warming that is happening, and the rate at which it is currently proceeding.

In order for us to have a positive impact on global warming, we must first understand what it is doing to our planet, and how we can affect change that will prevent negative effects.

You’ll find that reading these case studies, among others, will give you better insight into the how our planet is changing due to global warming. Armed with this information, we can work toward reducing global warming and its effects on our climate.

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