5 Ways You Can Research Any Medicine Online (For Free)

Posted by admin on April 14, 2010

The internet is great for research but only if you can find the right sources. Following are 5 reliable ways you can research any medicine online. Whether you are taking a medicine, are thinking about taking it, or just want to know more, these are 5 sites you can turn to for answers.

FDA Drug Information

If you want reliable information about medicines then why not turn to the drug page of the FDA’s web site? This is one place where you will surely find all of the information on medicines that you need. Even better than most web sites that talk about medicines, here you can read the standards by which medicines are judged because the criteria are clearly spelled out. You will also find a number of helpful articles here about how to buy the right drugs and how to use them the right way. The best part is that if you still don’t understand something then you can ask questions and get answers.


WebMD is known for being the source for health information on the web. But in addition to all the information you will find here about healthy living and about various health conditions, you will also find a nice storehouse of information regarding medicines that are designed to treat these conditions. You can seek out information regarding a vast number of both drugs and supplements.

You can search by the name of the medicine or you can type in the name of a condition and see what medicines might be used to treat that condition. Or if you are just curious you can browse through the list. It’s in alphabetical order just in case you kind of know the name of a medicine but not exactly.


RxList is a web site devoted to medication information. You can read about the current topics in drug and health news or you can delve right into the massive amount of medication information that is housed here. Again, you can learn all you need to know about drugs and supplements and you can use the Pill Identifier if you are unsure if a pill is the right one. Pills are identified by their imprint code, shape, and color. With how often some medications change their form and their appearances, this is a handy tool for drug safety.


Drugs.com is yet another web site that you can turn to for medication information. You will surely want to use the Interaction Checker if you are ever on more than one medication at a time. You never know when medications might interact and cause problems or cancel each other out. This tool can tell you.


MayoClinic.com comes from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic so you know that the information that you discover here is backed by thorough research and will provide comprehensive explanations of all information that pertains to prescription and over-the-counter medications. In fact the Mayo Clinic makes use of the talents of over 3,300 scientists, researchers, and physicians to fill its web site with all the information that is necessary for you to be an informed taker of medicine. This web site, like the others, helps you to take some of the power and the responsibility for your health back.

These are 5 ways that you can research any medicine online. You should not rely solely on your physician’s knowledge to make sure that you are on the right treatment program. You should educate yourself as much as possible so that you can recognize when something might be wrong so that you can start asking questions.

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