17 Excellent YouTube Videos to Learn About Clinical Research

Posted by admin on October 19, 2010

Clinical research is one of the fastest growing fields in the healthcare industry. Those who work in clinical research often have roles in clinical drug trials, whether being part of administering the trials, or as Clinical Research Associates, who primarily monitor those trials. If you’re interested in clinical research as a career, you might enjoy these 17 videos from YouTube. These videos discuss basic information such as how clinical trials work and the employment opportunities available in clinical research fields. You’ll also hear how clinical research trials have benefitted medicine and even hear from some people who have participated as patients in clinical trials.

  1. Employment in Clinical Research: Learn about the job opportunities available in the clinical research field.
  2. A History of Clinical Research: Learn the history of clinical research, and how it has become part of the foundation of medical practice in America.
  3. Clinical Research: Learn more about educational programs in clinical research. There are a wide range of educational programs to choose from if you want to pursue a career in clinical research.
  4. Participating in Clinical Research Trials: Hear about participating in clinical research trials from two real participants, including a cancer survivor. Clinical trials in the US have been responsible not only for helping get approval for drugs so that they can be widely used, but in many cases the patients in the trials themselves receive tremendous medical benefit.
  5. Clinical Research Training from the NIH: Learn about how clinical researchers are chosen for the National Institute of Health, the country’s foremost government funded research organization.
  6. Understanding Cancer Clinical Trials: This video talks about the process of clinical trials for cancer patients.
  7. Cancer Clinical Trials: Making Your Decision: This video from the National Institute of Health helps cancer patients determine if they would like to participate in a clinical trial.
  8. Understanding Clinical Trials: This video from the NIH gives an overview of what a clinical trial is and how they are used.
  9. JDRF Clinical Trials: This video gives an update on research and clinical trials by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund; the leading research organization on juvenile diabetes.
  10. Bilcare Research Academy: This video from CNBC talks about the Bilcare Research academy.
  11. clinical Trials: This video by Clinical Connections gives an overview of understanding clinical research trials.
  12. FLCRC: This video from Florida Clinical Research Center talks about their investigational medical studies in mental illnesses, including dementia, Alzheimer’s anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and Tourette’s Syndrome.
  13. Clinical Trial Scams: This video takes a look at whether or not clinical trials are really good for America’s health, or if they’re skewed in order to make drug companies more profitable.
  14. Advanced Clinical Research Institute: Take a look inside the Advanced Clinical Research Institute in Charleston, where many clinical trials take place.
  15. Monitoring Clinical Trials: Learn more about how clinical trials are monitored in this video by clinical Research associates, or research auditors. Clinical Research Associates, also referred to as research auditors, are an important part of clinical research work. These independent auditors verify the practices and the results of clinical trials to ensure that they are fair and unbiased. This helps ensure that when drugs are approved by the FDA, it is only after balanced clinical research has taken place.
  16. Informed Consent: Learn more about informed consent as it related to clinical research trials. Informed consent is a critical piece of ensuring that clinical trial participants fully understand the requirements of any clinical trial they might participate in, as well as understanding any risks inherent in using a drug that has not been fully FDA approved.
  17. Clinical Research Associates Careers: Learn more about the future of careers for Clinical Research Associates.

Hopefully, these videos have given you more insight into the field of clinical research and helped you better understand the many facets of the career, as well as how important clinical trials are to advancing medicine all over the world. Clinical research is an interesting and growing field with lots of job opportunities today and in the future.

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